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Please feel free to contact or book us. We welcome any feedback regarding our service, food, website or anything in-fact.

We are a very flexible company who would love to cater for your next party or event.

You can use this form to either contact us or to enquire about making a booking for an event. You can be assured that your personal details, including email, will not be used for any marketing or provided to any third party. We respect your privacy.

Please use this contact form to make both a booking enquiry or use the form at the bottom of the page to make a general enquiry.

Feel free to refer to our menu page to review any of the items there.

Booking enquiry contact form

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How many people are you looking for us to cater for? We have a minimum number of 50 for private functions*
Number of canapés choices per person*
Number of mains per person. We seriously only recommend one!*
How many desserts would you like per person. Please bear in mind that in our experience not everyone wants a dessert. We would recommend aiming for 75% of your total guests*
Are there any special dietary requirements of any of the guests to the best of your knowledge? Please include vegetarians and gluten intolerant people to the best of your knowledge at the moment. We will clarify this with you 14 from the event date*
Are there any access issues for us to get to your event? Our truck is 4.5 tonnes, 3.8m high, 2.4m wide & 6.1m long We also only have about 1 foot ground clearance due to a low waste water tank on the truck. Normal speed bumps and even a normal street kerb can be negotiated, but not much more.*
Will we have a flat area to park / cook? This is necessary, although we do have some ramps which allow us some leeway*

General enquiry contact form

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