Events We Can We Be Found At


We are at many events and keeping this webpage up to date with all of our events is a very difficult thing to do. We are very busy piglets and as such working every minute of every day, or at least it feels that way, we find it near impossible to keep this site up to date with our events and what we are up to.

Do not despair though! For a listing of our up and coming events just follow us on our social media platforms. Alternatively you will find our Facebook feed on the right hand column of our website, which should list our up and coming events.

The events we are at such as a music festival

Where are we?

People regularly find us at markets, festivals, street trading in specific parts of Newcastle and private events. We are regularly at Wharf Road in Newcastle on a Wednesday lunch time and also at Steel River Industrial Estate on a Thursday lunch time.

Are you considering hosting an event?

If you are considering hosting a party or other event and you would like some catering, please contact us and we will be able to create a tailored quote for you. On the contact us / book us page you will find a list of questions that will help us formulate a more personalised quote, taking into account your requirements. We regularly cater for parties and weddings and our food always goes down an absolute storm with all of the party goers. We have not had one negative comment yet from any of our private catering events, which we are very happy about.

Is there an event that you think we should be at?

There are many events going on in the Hunter region and keeping up to date with them all is a full-time job in itself. We wish we could be at all the events, but this is obviously not possible. This said however, if you think we should consider being at a specific event we would love you to let us know about it by emailing us. We can then check our calendar and make sure we are free.

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