Gallery and Photography of our Food

Gallery and Photography of our Food

Gallery and Photography of our foodA gallery can be a great way to show off your photography. Here you will find a selection of our current menu. Click on them to have that full screen experience.

Images courtesy of Mikenzel Photography.

These images are certainly not a complete set of examples of the food we provide. These images above are just from our menu. Images of more of our canapés will be coming soon. It is true, a picture paints a thousand words and we do eat with our eyes which is why here at Mrs Piggy’s Wheels we endeavour to create the finest of foods, crafted with love and attention so that you will surely love them, both aesthetically and also with regards to their flavour, texture and smell.

Party Menu Photographs

More photographs of our food needed

We really want to showcase more of our food in our food gallery. Everyone loves a good bit of food porn. We have such a passion for cooking, we should be the size of a house with the amount we love food. It gives as such an excitement to create the food which people enjoy; seeing their faces when they take a bite – their eyes light up and that rosy smile beams across their face…. that is why we do what we do & we want to share it with the world.

Are you an aspiring photographer? If so, drop us an email letting us know of your passion and we would love to have you photograph our party menu items. In exchange for this we would promote your business as we have with Mikenzel Photography.

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