Giving Back

Our Vision

At Mrs Piggy’s Wheels our vision is so much more than just providing great scrumptious street food with soul to you guys. We want to give a friendly service that ensures you come back time and time again – a service that values you as both a customer and an individual. We are conscious of our impact on the environment and the great things that we as a community and organisation can do for charities and people in need.



Our Environmental Food Footprint

We want our service to be streamlined and efficient whilst being aligned to the needs of our environment and community. We not only use produce from our local area so the food footprint is small and the cost to the environment in transporting the goods is less. We are all becoming more aware today that our demands of products being shipped to us from around the world has a cost associated which places a potentially unnecessary burden on our environment. At Mrs Piggy’s Wheels we want to reduce this burden and will try to use produce which is grown and sourced locally wherever possible.

Environmental Concerns

All our undertakings will have a minimal impact upon the environment, embracing environmental sustainability. Our noise production will be very minimal. All our cooking fumes are filtered so environmental particulate pollution will be minimal. Our waste will be recycled where possible, containers reused where possible and waste disposed of aligned with local council requirements and regulations. We will not produce any high energy intensity foods which are highly pre-processed and our cooking will be majoritively met by carbon offset LPG (propane). In addition to all of these environmental concerns that we at Mrs Piggy’s Wheels take seriously we also keep our truck & equipment serviced regularly to ensure that it is performing well, with minimal environmental impact.

Community Giving

We are so aware at Mrs Piggy’s Wheels that the world is not us, it is not our truck and it is not you the  individual. Our world is about all of us, both people that visit our food truck and those who do not. We want to continue our giving nature and philanthropy by contributing to certain charities that are close to the owners (Jo & Jamie’s) hearts.

One charitable organisation that we are supporting which is close to our hearts is Donate Life, part of the Organ and Tissue Donation Authority. Jo is a Organ and Tissue Donation Coordinator and as such we want to continue supporting this worthwhile organisation in an effort to both increasing the capability and capacity to maximise donation rates; and raise community awareness and stakeholder engagement across Australia to promote organ and tissue donation.

Donate Life

Finally we will also be supporting the Soul Cafe, an organisation that produces over 800 free meals per week to people is desperate need, many of whom are homeless, have a mental health illness or are suffering due to substance abuse or are living in poverty. They are based in Newcastle. We will be working with them wherever possible at events and we will regularly be providing them with food.

Soul Cafe


The staff we have working for us are local people with a like-minded attitude towards the food truck revolution which is spreading through Australia. We employ an apprentice, showing support for the communities trade and education sector and also employ qualified catering professionals to help us provide you with an excellent culinary experience.

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