One Week In

Well, we are now one week in from the launch and we have already learnt heaps. We have survived the launch party, which was awesome, with so many people turning out.

The musicians and artists were awesome and everyone seemed to enjoy the music they put out. The face painter had her hands full and the jumpy castle may never be the same after the onslaught that the kids gave it throughout the day.

Service was certainly busy and at one point we noticed a 70m line, which was kind of daunting, but that is probably only because of our inexperience. We did not run out of food and in hind-sight that was never going to happen. I think we actually catered for about 1000+ people. Fortunately not that many turned up! It is always sad having to throw away food, but it is a serious lesson learnt.

launch day service

We did not hear one negative comment about the food, only resounding positive comments. People were telling us our slow cooked meats were rocking along with the crackling. Our gourmet chicken & prosciutto roll was also “out of this world” according to some. It is good to know that although the service could have been improved, and who would have thought it would have gone 110% perfectly on our first gig, the food was 110%.

Crooked launch photo

We finished off our launch party service with a well deserved beer and got ready for the next day service. Unfortunately it needed a 5:30 am start, which was a bit of a shock to the system, but it was all to be worth it. The next day was a great service, with just Jo, Jamie & Abbey. All went well – so smoothly that it seemed that we were a well oiled machine. Is this a sign of what is to come?

So, the end of the first week & what a week it was. Here is to next week, with many great functions and events which we will be attending, all of which can be found on our events page.

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    1. Thanks Carol, you are not wrong. We currently donate food to the soul cafe in Newcastle, but the guys at Oz Harvest could certainly take some food not going there.

      Thanks again for your comment.

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