The Food Truck Is Nearly Here!

So the work has furiously been happening in the background to bring you Mrs Piggy’s Wheels. We have had trials and tribulations, joys and celebrations. We guess it is all part of building a new business.

We had an issue with an oven not arriving on time and having to either put everything back about a month or choose another oven….. well no surprise there: We chose another one! We could not put off the launch of our business for an oven.

Then there was an issue with an oven not arriving with a crucial piece of equipment which meant it would not pass an inspection – oh the stress! Well that challenge was overcome even if it did dent the wallet some what. We just kept on telling ourselves, “Everything will be OK”.

Everything will be OK

With all the equipment going on the truck we had always been worried about the weight. Fortunately it came in under weight and it is all looking like Andrew at A & B Food Truck Outfitters is living up to his name as a premium builder of the best food trucks in the country.

Our designer has done a sterling job and we have finalised the design. It looks awesome & is currently being printed for application onto the food truck.

The plumber has been in and done all the fitting. It is all coming along at a cracking pace now and we are so close to getting our hands on the Mrs Piggy’s Wheels food truck. We are hoping to get a hold of her around the 14th April & it cannot come soon enough.

Driving down to Melbourne with the truck (without a pantech box on the back) was an extremely bumpy experience and now the box is on the back we are sure the ride is going to be very different. It is going to be a vey long and slow journey back, as we don’t want anything to happen to our precious girl en-route.

In addition to the busyness of building the truck we have also been busy organising events and gigs to attend. We have been fortunate to partner up with several local businesses, we have secured a festival and a few markets. We have had interest for a wedding & other private parties. Everyone wants Mrs Piggy’s Wheels to be at their next event. If you want to consider an event with Mrs Piggy’s Wheels catering for you, contact us and discuss your needs.

We have employed an apprentice chef and a selection of other staff. Our baker is busy in the background getting everything ready for what is needed on the day.

Our artists have been secured for the launch party event, kids activities like face painting and jumpy castle organised and we have lost count of the amount of fliers we have handed out to potential guests for the day.

Suppliers have been sourced and we cannot wait to work with the local farmers and producers that make the food we will be providing on the food truck. Local food for the locals – is this not how it should always be? We have such great food here, we should celebrate it!

Our social media is building with the majority of our followers on our Facebook page. Join us on you favourite social media platform and keep in touch with what we are up to.

So this is it….. T minus 2 weeks and counting………. stay tuned……….

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