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Planning your wedding catering or private catering

If you are thinking about hosting a private function, maybe organising some wedding catering, engagement party, work function, corporate or charity event, you should consider Mrs Piggy’s Wheels.

Mrs Piggy's Wheels for your next catering event

serving food from our food truck at the groove in the moo festivalwedding catering from our food truckOur first gig ever - our launch. A great day & experience had by allserving lunch from our food truck on the launch day

What experience do we have to provide your wedding catering?

We are in high demand for private and wedding catering and love bringing our food truck to support you and your guests. We regularly provide private catering for large events well over 100 people, sometimes into the thousands such as at festivals. We will cater for any private event greater than 50 people. Our prices are very competitive.

Wedding Catering

Our menu pricing structure is simple. Canapés are $5 per choice per person. Mains are $15 per person & desserts are $10 per person. For a complete look at our menu, click here.

Corporate Function

What food to choose for your catering?

You can choose to either have our mains, which you will routinely find us selling on the streets, public events like festivals and markets. You may also choose to have some canapés served to your guests too. Why not let the dinning experience go off with a bang and get some gorgeous desserts too? A perfect way to end your wedding catering.

Goats cheese tarts with caramelised onions
Yes these are actually ours! Yummy goats cheese tarts with caramelised onions

What to do next: How to secure or make an enquiry surrounding your private event

Our prices are very competitive and conscious to your needs. Make contact with us by using our contact us page whilst answering the necessary questions on that page in order for us to be able to provide you with a tailored quote to meet your needs.

Engagement Party

You can be assured that Mrs Piggy’s Wheels will exceed your expectations and have your guests talking about the food served at your event for well beyond the event itself. We regularly receive positive feedback from our clients and guests as can be seen on our reviews page.

Private Function Catering

Make your next event one to remember, not just for your fantastic private event itself, but also for the amazing food. All our food is sourced by using local ingredients with no added preservatives, additives, colourings, artificial flavourings. Just wholesome food, crafted with love and attention that your guests will love and rave on about for a long time.

Save yourself the time and the effort of catering yourself. Let our staff cook the food and we also have wait staff to walk the food around to your guests, which we see as all part of the service.

Consider us. You won’t be disappointed.

E-mail confirmation:*
Phone number:*
Date of event:*
Address of the event:*
Time to start food service:*
How many people are you looking for us to cater for? We have a minimum number of 50 for private functions*
Number of canapés choices per person*
Number of mains per person. We seriously only recommend one!*
How many desserts would you like per person. Please bear in mind that in our experience not everyone wants a dessert. We would recommend aiming for 75% of your total guests*
Are there any special dietary requirements of any of the guests to the best of your knowledge? Please include vegetarians and gluten intolerant people to the best of your knowledge at the moment. We will clarify this with you 14 from the event date*
Are there any access issues for us to get to your event? Our truck is 4.5 tonnes, 3.8m high, 2.4m wide & 6.1m long We also only have about 1 foot ground clearance due to a low waste water tank on the truck. Normal speed bumps and even a normal street kerb can be negotiated, but not much more.*
Will we have a flat area to park / cook? This is necessary, although we do have some ramps which allow us some leeway*